How to use this site

The Community Career Hub has interactive tools to help you get the most out of your experience.

Below is information about the various website functions available.



On the right side of the website below the main menu toolbar – the light grey text line helps to identify exactly where you are on the site.

This is known as your ‘breadcrumb’ trail.


Change language

The Community Career Hub is supported by Google Translate.

This allows you to navigate the website in your preferred language.

Click on the grey arrow to select from 90 languages.

Upon selecting a language, all content will be updated to your preferred language.


Bookmark pages

Click on the star icon to ‘bookmark’ pages to revisit!

Hovering over the star icon will display any bookmarked pages you have saved.

The bookmark function operates on cookies.

Your favourite pages will therefore remain bookmarked anytime you visit the site  – as long as you do not clear cookies from your browsing history.


Print pages

Use the print icon to print pages from the website.

Content and layout will automatically adjust for ease of printing.


Email pages

Click the email icon to send emails of your favourite pages from the Community Career Hub to your friends, families or even to yourself.


Text tool

The user-friendly text tool allows you to adjust the size of font on the site.

You can increase or decrease the size of font to help with readability.


Share and connect

Stay connected with social media by sharing your favourite Community Career Hub pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more!

Like what you see?

Feel free to post, tweet or share with your friends and family with the Share function.

Click ‘Share’ to post on social media.



If you are blind or vision impaired, you can use assistive features such as VoiceOver on this site to listen to an audio version of all website content.


Device responsive

Use the Community Career Hub on any device you choose!

No matter whether you are viewing the site on a large PC screen or a small mobile tablet or phone, the site will automatically re-adjust its design to fit your screen.