Career Change

What To Do Next?

Now that you have explored the possibility of changing careers, you may want further advice, information and resources.

Discover further Community Career Hub resources below or contact a Learn Local organisation for further support and advice.


Plan your career

A career plan can help you find a job that suits your interests and abilities, and can help you outline the steps to getting the job you really want.

A good place to start is unpacking your career goals.

Consider how you can best use your skills, abilities, interests and values to achieve your career goals.

Read through our Career Plan section to find information, resources and links about how to manage your career change.


Prepare to Study

Ready to study? We have information to help you get started

In researching and planning out a new career for yourself, you might have identified that you would like to return to study.

Check out the Preparing to Study section to find information, resources and links about how to prepare for study.

Also consider contacting a Learn Local organisation near you about available courses potential career pathways.


Prepare to Work

Know the job you want? Time to get prepared for work!

You may not need to do further study in order to fulfil your career change, but perhaps require support to get you into a new job or industry.

Go to the Preparing for Work section to find information, resources and links about how to have the most success when seeking employment.