Career Plan

Plan My Career

Now it’s time to focus on you!

In this section, learn about yourself and what you like – so that you can match your personal goals and career aspirations with the right job.


My skills, strengths and interests

Have you ever thought about what you're really good at?

We all have different strengths – things that we’re naturally good at and enjoy doing.

Not sure what you’re really good at?

Perhaps ask your co-workers, friends and family. Or consider the positive feedback you have received at jobs or school in the past.

Understanding your skills, abilities, strengths and interests helps you to match a jobs with areas where you naturally excel.

Focus on your strengths.

Be mindful of areas you feel you could improve, but remember to not feel weighed down by these.

We can all make positive changes and learn new things to improve skills – at any age.

You may be a people person, you may be someone who is always on time to meetings.You may be good at writing, or maths, or computers. Or you may be a good listener.

Making note of what you are good at can also help you further promote yourself appropriately in your resume, cover letters and interviews!

Use the helpful links on the right-hand side to help you to understand more about your goals, skills and career aspirations.

For further career planning tools, be sure to check out the A-Z Resources.


My values

Your values can help determine your priorities in work and in life.

If your work and life are balanced, then it is likely that you will feel satisfied and content, and your values are in line your chosen work.

If things feel wrong or uncomfortable,  then something is probably not in line with your values.

Understanding your values can help you to make important decisions like:

  • the type of job/work you do
  • whether to accept a promotion or another job
  • whether to start your own business
  • whether to stay in your current position or try something new

Try the Values Checklist to help identify what is important to you in your life and work.


My work environment

Consider the environment you'd prefer to work in when deciding on a job or career.

We can spend the majority of our lifetime at work, so it is important to consider the right type of work and work environment for you.

A positive, healthy, collaborative work environment can have a huge impact on how you feel about your job.

It can motivate you, encourage you and have you feeling positive about your career.

If you’re looking for a new job, assessing your potential work environment is a crucial step.

Consider your values, skills and interests, and whether the job or company you are looking at aligns with your own interests and expectations.

You can also look for work environment information in job descriptions, and on company or business websites.

Consider the work environment before you apply, or during the interview, so that you can understand what working for the employer may be like, and most importantly – if you would like to work for them!


My challenges

Everyone faces challenges in life: it is important to consider challenges as opportunities for personal growth.

It may feel like you have a huge mountain to climb, and you’re not sure where to start.

Even taking the smallest step in identifying your challenges, and thinking how you can overcome them can help you begin your journey.

Consider challenges as opportunities to make positive change and grow.

Don’t forget you are not alone – and ask for help!

Family, friends, other support services or a combination of these can help you.


My budget

When selecting potential jobs, it is important to consider if they will provide a suitable income to cover your expenses.

Work income helps pay bills and living expenses like food, rent, mortgage or credit card/loan repayments, electricity, childcare etc, and helps provide for you and any dependent family members.

Looking at your personal income and expenses will help you with your career planning and decision making.

Consider your weekly budget, and whether a potential job will cover your budget, and allow you quality of life.

The links on the right-hand side will help you build a simple budget so you can identify how much money you need from your job.