Leaving School

I Have Left School

If you have left school you can still consider returning to study, beginning a traineeship or apprenticeship, or look to find a job.

Completing a Career Plan enables you to start exploring your options.

It offers you a way to understand yourself and what future work/career options might best suit you.

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Find a mentor

A mentor is a caring, adult who can provide advice and support

A mentor could be a teacher, parent, sibling, extended family relative or family friend.

If you’re already working, it could be a boss, or co-worker.

In asking questions about people’s lives and experiences, we can learn from them and make informed decisions for ourselves.

Consider where a decision may take you, and what opportunities or barriers you may experience.

Explore your options. It will be worth the time and effort.

Talk to your family, a mentor or any other adults with work and life experience that you relate to well.

Some schools and organisations also run mentor programs, so be sure to ask your career adviser or teaching staff if there are further options for finding a mentor.

What options are out there?

Alternative secondary study options

What other options are out there?

Visit the I Am Thinking About Leaving School for information, resources and links about VCE, VCAL, VET, SBAT & Learn Local programs.


Other study options

What types of study can I do?

Explore more choices in the Study Options section of this career hub. Find information on:

  • Short courses
  • Learn Local programs
  • Traineeships
  • Apprenticeships
  • TAFE and Vocational Education
  • University



Work experience

What is work experience?

Visit the I Am Thinking About Leaving School  section for more information about work experience.



How do I find a job?

Find more information about searching and securing work in the Employment section.


Taking a gap year

What is a gap year?

Visit the I Am Thinking About Leaving School  section for more information about taking a gap year.