About Us

Community career hub is one of its kind business that provides you with distinguished resources for studies, work and your career. Such a business model is very rare across the world and we are market leaders in the industry. The reason behind lack of firms in the industry is the low profit margin but we do this with the motivation of helping our younger generation our with their studies and careers. They are the future of our world and we believe assisting them in any way possible will be beneficial for the entire human race. Hence, the business model, although less profitable, focuses on the greater good and the social benefits.

Services rendered

We have a variety of services and resources available at our website that can be useful for current students at different stages, fresh graduates entering the working industry and high school students planning to join colleges. First of all, we have resources for students divided into subjects. Those resources include lectures, quizzes, cheat sheets and so on. Additionally, there are interview guidelines and tips and tricks to ace interviews at jobs and college admissions. You can also find tips and past papers of various aptitude tests that happen throughout the globe for multiple purposes.

Our highlight

One of our best features is that we provide a lot of these resources free of cost so that people who cannot afford to pay much can benefit from the resources too. then there are full paid packages as well that allow you a lot of different and new very useful features.

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